Countdown to CAT NY

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CAT New York will kick off, somewhat counterintuitively, with a discussion of creativity that transcends digital. We wrote about digital-meets-real-world work a few weeks ago, in what was possibly our most retweeted story of the last year. Meet the people who are bringing the digital ethic from screens to streets at Making it Work in the Post Digital World.

More CAT content to look forward to:

You're probably checked in on Foursquare as we speak to your local bar for your early afternoon bridge cocktail but what do you know about Booyah? The location service has more users than Foursquare, just got a nice chunk of new financing and is the first partner for Google's Places Web Service feature. Find out more about the game-based location player and get all your location questions answered at the Location, Location, Location panel at CAT.

Oh, and did we mention flying, networked helicopter thingies? Carlo Ratti from MIT will be on hand to talk about Flyfireand the sense-able city.

Robert Scoble recently interviewed Kevin Slavin, founder of area/code and now head of start-up Starling on the future of social TV. Find out more about the evolution of your favorite old media at Slavin's CAT presentation.

Put your thinking cap on, roll your sleeves up and get to work at the Boulder Digital Works workshop, during lunch. Hurry, though space is limited.

Plus: 3D TV questions answered, iPad design, creative technologist/digital strategist all-stars, data viz with Stamen Design, mobile games the evolution of storytelling and more. Get tickets and more info at
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