The Dark Knight Rises: Anonymous Vigilante Investigation

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Nice underground marketing for Christopher Nolan's upcoming Batman flick, 'The Dark Knight Rises.' A website,, went live earlier this week. It contained some pretty cool pages from the 'case files' from Gotham City's police department. The case file includes information on where The Batman was last seen, including a list of places he was spotted, and what officers should do if they see him. A little clue on the third page pointed users to an email address and website where a new trailer was presented.

There seem to be many more goodies hidden in the case file. A search of the hashtag #tdkr02202012 on Twitter leads you to a grid of pictures, which may or may not be user submitted photos of the locations Batman was seen, according to the files. The files also instruct you to go to the locations (there are some all over the world) and snap photographic evidence of graffiti indicating 'the vigilante's return.'

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