Deeplocal Reinvents the Shoebox to Promote Reebok's New 'FitList' App

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Gone are the days of fumbling around with your iPod while on a run. Reebok has partnered with music streaming service Spotify for "FitList" a new app that generates the perfect music for your workout. "FitList," which was created by Hunted Media, lets you select a workout activity, time, intensity level and pick your favorite artists. The app will then take into account the song's beats-per-minute tempo, its "danceability" and energy level to present you the perfect workout mix.

And to match the musical sensibility of the campaign, Pittsburgh, Penn.-based Deeplocal is serving up a musically oriented shoebox as well. The "FitList Box" redesigns the athletic sneaker box into an interactive speaker system, outfitted with LED lights, that glow and pulse in rhythm to music and other sounds. The box also has lets you plug in your music player.

Reebok announced the Spotify partnership last Spring, and approached Deeplocal to create the box as a way to promote the app. "Developing a cool app is important, but as with any app, there's a challenge of getting people to know about it and download it," said Heather Estes, director of marketing.

The studio decided to focus on the shoebox because they believed its an under-utilized product element. "Shoeboxes typically hide in stockrooms and don't serve a functional purpose after the shoes are removed," said Estes.

A hundred boxes will be created. They will not be for sale; instead, they will be given out to 100 people in a Reebok giveaway at the Reebok Fit Hub in New York City, when people purchase limited edition pairs of the Reebox RealFlex Transition shoes.

The boxes are outfitted with the speakers, as well as a custom circuit board, which houses both lights and a sound sensor, making the front-panel of the box flow based on how loud the sounds are.

Initially, the team prototyped a series of "connected boxes" that worked together as one unit. But then, realizing that it would make more sense to make each box separate, it added a micro-controller to each boxes board, so each has its own brand. An online film showcasing the boxes will also be released online.

As for Reebok's partnership with Spotify, the brand said in a statement that it "recognized that music plays a huge part in fitness," and that the partnership was a "natural fit," since "Spotify has revolutionized the music industry." It will continue to look for ways to work with the brand in the future.

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