Delta Demos 'Photon Shower' That Will Eliminate Jet Lag

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Eliminating your jet lag might just be a matter of stepping into the shower. Delta is out to one-up Emirates' spa shower with "Photon Shower," a light chamber to provides light therapy. Designed out of Wieden & Kennedy New York, the chamber -- which is a concept demo that will be exhibited at the TED Long Beach Conference Wednesday -- is the result of neuroscience and sleep research by Professor Russell Foster of Oxford, and is part of the airline's attempts to continually improve the sleep experiences of its passengers.

The shower lets you input travel information, then step in and experience a light sequence that recreates the effects of sunlight. The experience fights jet lag, and also is a caffeine-type pick-me-up for weary travelers, or hard partiers -- which means that kind of experience might even find its way into homes soon enough.

Professor Foster will be holding a lunch salon at the conference to outline his research on how our body responds to light, and how those responses can help realign our body clocks after long flights and the ensuing jet lag.

The airline has recently been investing in efforts to try and improve the in-air sleep experience, offering new bedding designed exclusively for the airline, by Westin.

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