The Biggest Tech Fails and Viral Videos of 2012; Hail NYC Taxis With Apps and More

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E-Hail Taxi Apps to Be Tested

No more trying to randomly catch the eye of a taxi driver in New York City in the hopes that he or she will stop. Crain's New York reports that The Taxi and Limousine Commission have approved a one-year pilot program to test "e-hail" smartphone apps in the city. The pilot will let the commission collect data on how the technology is working to make sure it is benefiting customers and the taxi and livery cab industries.

Test Track Gets Design-Minded Overhaul

At the EPCOT center in Orlando, Walt Disney is getting people excited about design. Wired reports that the company unveiled a revamp of its Test Track high-speed driving simulator, which used to be basically be an hour long wait in line, followed by five minutes of driving fun and a chance to sit in a Chevy Malibu. But the redesign means a new experience, designed for shorter attention spans. Each rider can now design their own virtual car, using a CAD program, then go on a ride that will include info on how their cars would have performed in the simulation.

Tech Screw Ups of 2012

Gizmodo rounds up the biggest technology fails of 2012. From Apple Maps, to SOPA, to Google's Search Plus Your World launch, check it out and revel in the fact that while the year may not have been the best one ever, at least you didn't goof up this much.

The Most Viral Ads

Mashable runs down YouTube's most viral ads of 2012, compiled by Think With Google. Number one on the least: Nike's "My Time is Now" commercial, out of Wieden & Kennedy London. AdAge also put together its own Viral Ads chart, done in collaboration with Visible Measures. "Kony 2012" topped the list.

Kids on Facebook

The New Yorker's "Shouts & Murmurs" column takes a look at what infants and toddlers may tweet and Facebook -- if they were able to. Sample: "Aww… Laura all dressed up in her beige pantsuit as a big-girl mid-level government accountant!" Should make you feel a teeny bit worse about your posts.

Be Like Harry Potter

The Invisibility Cloak is no longer just something you wish existed. Canadian company Hyperstealthhas created a piece of fabric that makes the wearer invisible. No, it's not magic, but made of a special material that manipulate the light waves around the wearer and conceals him or her. It's designed for army use.

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