Direct Your Own Tacky Banking Ad, Courtesy Union Bank

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Union Bank is letting customers "design their own commercial" to promote a new product enabling customers to pick and choose the features they want in their checking account. A website, Commercial by Design lets visitors pick and choose from various scenarios typical of ads (including Random Cameo, Awkward Moment, Big Entrance) as well as the jingle, and the exact decor of the setting (for example the "tacky family room" option lets you choose a "Totally 80s", "Lavish Living" or "Grandma's Room" look). Union Bank says up to 40,000 combinations are possible using the different options; all of them promote the Banking by Design product. Having put their spot together, consumers can submit it to a contest; there will be a vote on the best spots, and the winning commercials will be selected for an on-air televised broadcast in 2013. The site, and commercials, were created by San Francisco agency Eleven, along with B-Reel and director Roderick Fenske.

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