Disney and Google Team on 'Oz' Chrome Experiment

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To promote its upcoming film Oz, Disney has teamed with the team at Google on this funhouse of a Chrome experiment, Find Your Way to Oz. The site, created with production company Unit9, features an assortment of carnival-themed experiences, including a multi-plane circus photo booth, a music-box-themed melody maker, old school movie camera and projector room, as well as a wild balloon adventure. The site is gorgeously rendered with cinema-quality visuals and takes us back to Infinite Oz, another excellent Oz-themed digital experience from a few years back, created for Sci-Fi out of Fallon, Minneapolis and B-Reel.

According to Google, this experiment could not have happened a few years ago, but thanks to advancements with WebGL and CSS3, as well as Web Audio API and WebRTC's getUserMedia feature, the team was able to create a fully immersive experience.

Check out more on the technical details and how the site was built on Google's Chromium blog.

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