Eric Migicovsky: Pebble

Published on .

Meet one of Kickstarter's most promising and popular projects, Pebble, a watch that allows you to run selected apps. Created by Eric Migicovsky, whose team has previously worked on the Blackberry-driven 'InPulse' smart watch, Pebble is a cute little device that acts as an extension to your smartphone, so you can change music tracks, find out how many miles you ran, or complete host of other, simple, useful tasks without digging around for your phone.

It's a hot category: Sony already has an Android-base smartwatch that retails for $150. The Pebble works on the iOS platform, and has a 7 day battery life, is made out of e-ink (yay for painless reading) and is quite slick to look at, designed by industrial designer Steve Johns.

The project already has over $3 million in funding, and expects to hit delivery in September, once production begins.

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