The Fairtrade Foundation: Show Off Your Label

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The UK's Fairtrade Foundation is urging the nation to 'Show Off Your Label' for the launch of its annual Fairtrade Fortnight (February 28 to March 13).

Wieden + Kennedy London's campaign to support the initiative includes this film on the Foundation's website and a 'Show Off Your Label' game, which can be entered through its Facebook page. The game is made up of 14 daily challenges, some of them endorsed by celebrity participants. Each involves the public submitting photographs of themselves showing off their Fairtrade labels as imaginatively as possible and for each, there is a back story as to why they should. For example, the first is Banana Smile, where participants can submit a photograph of themselves flashing a banana smile in order to win a holiday to the Dominican Republic (chosen because Fairtrade bananas have enabled the Asobanu co-operative in the Dominican Republic to build their community a sports centre.)

The campaign also includes a range of print executions for shops and supporting business to hang in-store.

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