FedEx: Solutions That Matter website

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B-Reel Films has developed an interactive site for FedEx that takes the viewer on a reverse timeline journey to show how a Fedex delivery can impact on healthcare, auto manufacturing, sustainability and small business.

B-Reel director Johan Perjus filmed the reverse timeline of a shipment's journey, freezing every step for emphasis. The film was created in multiple passes using a motion control rig. Its 'frozen time' effects used Milo Motion Control for the dynamic camera movements.

Visitors simply move their cursor to the right to see the story unfold in reverse order; for example, a man shown having a coffee outdoors at a cafe is then shown having open heart surgery, and receiving a transplant in a box delivered by FedEx. The digital experience complements BBDO's 'Solutions That Matter' campaign for FedEx, using case studies that are highlighted in TV spots.

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