Flynn Still Lives

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Creativity received a package today containing a blue geodesic ball with "/zerohour" hand written on a box with the return address: Flynn Lives PO Box 236 San Diego, CA 92101. It didn't take us long to append that phrase to, a site revealed in the last shenanigans surrounding Disney's Tron: Legacy, the sequel to the eighties cult classic. The zerohour page reveals a binary clock—we can thank blog commenters for that revelation—and broken tidbits of text in blue below.

The internets are guessing the clock counts down to a new trailer for the movie, but the mystery still remains: What's with the blue ball? A reader of blog ComingSoon also received a box from Flynn Lives, with the same zerohour code, but that strange ball is red and spiky, though still geometric.

That doesn't even begin to unravel what's hidden in the message of chopped up text. Help us figure out this latest bit of viral marketing magic in the comments below.

As for who's behind the mailer, we're betting that 42 Entertainment, the Pasadena, alternate reality gaming agency, is picking up where it left off when it set up Flynn's arcade at ComicCon in San Diego last summer.

The movie is expected to open in December and stars Jeff Bridges, who also starred in the 1982 original.

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