Foreplay Goes Virtual With Durex's Interactive Underwear

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Forget phone sex; virtual groping via Skype and a smartphone could be the future for long-distance lovers. Durex in Australia has introduced a protoype underwear that, controlled by an app, lets people actually "touch each other over the internet".

Developed with agency Havas Worldwide, "Fundawear" uses technology that sends a wireless signal from between smartphones and then transfers it to touch-actuators woven into the fabric of the underwear. So, when one person touches the phone, the feeling is sent instantaneously to their partner's under garments, transferring the sensation of touch to their skin.

Durex is promoting the prototype with this video of the first "World Trial" of Fundawear, released on its YouTube page yesterday. Durex has also posted videos on the fashion design and technology behind Fundawear, which involves a custom circuit-board woven into the fabric.

To win some Fundawear, people can enter a competition on Durex Australia's Facebook page.

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