Paper, The Next Frontier; A Sneak Peek at Angry Birds: Star Wars; Pumpktris & More.

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From Paper to Computer and Back Again

Researchers at the University of Tokyo's Naemura Lab are working on groundbreaking paper computer technology, which lets you draw on photochromic paper with a special ink, which then creates art that can be fixed or changed on a computer. It's e-Paper on a different level, and could lead a whole new collaboration structure where edits on a computer can affect real paper miles away. Check out a video on Engadget.

A Design Shift at Apple
Apple's management shuffling on Monday, which led to the departure of Scott Forstall, who headed the company's mobile software development and was a protege of Steve Jobs, might mean a change in the design philosophy at the company, says the New York Times.

The First Peek of Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio's upcoming Angry Birds/Star Wars mashup -- which has Red Bird playing Luke Skywalker -- is set to launch soon. Mashable has a sneak peek of the gameplay in the new game, which will be available on Android and iOS.

The Horror of Technology

Halloween isn't over -- it's just postponed. Gizmodo rounds up some of the most classic horror films and the gadgets and technical wizardry that made them possible.

Pumpkin Plus Tetris Equals Pumpktris

Creative technologist "Nathan" combined the vegetable-du-jour, the pumpkin, with the classic game, Tetris, to create a playable pumpkin whose stem acts as the controller.

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