Futuristic Parenting: A Baby Named Hashtag & 3D Models of Your Fetus

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Google Searches For the Ungoogleable

While we type in hundreds and thousands of words and images into Google searches every day, there are still a few things that we don't Google. The search giant is out to find out what those are, and how it can convert us, explains Tom Simonite at the MIT Tech Review.

Worst. Parents. Ever.

Mashable reports that someone has gone out and named their darling little baby what might be the strangest name ever: Hashtag. It's even worse than 'Facebook' -- at least when an Egyptian parent named his daughter that, he had a reason for it: to commemorate the social network's role in the country's revolution.

Pac-Man on Saturn

SaturnDaily reports that Scientists at NASA's Cassini mission found another feature in the Saturn system that is shaped like Pac-Man, the classic game. The first one was found on the Mimas moon in 2010, while this one is on Tethys. Is the universe trying to tell us something?

The Future of 3D Printing

Ultrasounds aren't so hot any more. A clinic in Japan now offers soon-to-be parents 3D printed models of their little fetus, according to Mashable. It uses MRI scans and bio-texture modelling to present you with tangible proof of your bundle of joy. Cute--or gross?

The Sounds of the Mid-Century Office

The Atlantic brings us back to a time when machines weren't quiet, a la the MacBook Air. They were loud, whirring, clanking things that demanded our attention. Here's a collection of sounds from the offices of the 1960s, via Swiss composer Rolf Libermann.

Shop While You Share

Facebook announced its "Gifts" feature a while ago and The New York Times is now reporting more details on the network's new money-making venture. Up for grabs are spices from Dean & DeLuca, pajamas, and subscriptions to Hulu Plus. But will it work?

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