Storytelling for the 'Selfie' Generation, Gamers Beat Scientists, Honoring Ada Lovelace & More

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Nokia's Smartwatch

Engadget reports that according to a patent application filed this week, Nokia's planning a Smartwatch too -- and it's a modular one that is totally customizable. What's cool is that each unit or segment would have a different display and function, and if you turned it around and upside-down, you can access other displays. The project is apparently code-named "Facet."

Gamers 1, Scientists 0

For 10 years, scientists at the University of Washington have been trying to decode the M-PMV retroviral protein, an enzyme that creates a virus very similar to HIV, in an effort to try to build a cure for AIDS. Foldit gamers have done it -- in just 10 days. Foldit is a spatial reasoning game that needs no biology background, and asks gamers to pack and build protein structures.

Time Travel is Real!

From an old woman using a cellphone in a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film to the "time travelling" banker who has vanished without a trace, io9 presents photos and videos as proof that time travel is real.

Honoring Ada Lovelace

Earlier this week was Ada Lovelace Day, a day to honor the first-ever computer engineer. The Atlantic marked the occasion with a collection of its pieces that cover gender and technology -- from the historical IBM memo that allowed female employees to get married to a photo essay showing long lines for the mens' bathrooms at tech conferences.

Darling There's Wi-Fi Under the Sea

BBC News reports that scientists have been testing whether wi-fi might be able to be installed underwater in a lake, in an attempt to see if we could create a "deep-sea internet" that might help detect tsunamis, and check your Facebook while scuba diving. The network tech would use sound waves, unlike the radio waves that regular wi-fi uses.

Peel the Dirt Off Your Car

NeverWet is still our favorite new product of the year, but 3M's "Paint Defender" comes pretty darn close. Washing your vehicle is boring -- so why not spray on the "invisible film" from 3M, then peel it off, hopefully taking the dirt with it. We imagine it's about as satisfying as when you put Elmer's Glue all over your hands and peel it off, slowly.

Ad Age Digital: A Lookback

This week marked the West Coast version of AdAge's ever-popular digital conference. Read about what went down and watch videos of digital execs like Visa's Kevin Burke and Twitter's Kevin Weill -- plus find out how to do storytelling for the "selfie" generation.

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