When Gary Shteyngart Becomes a Glasshole; Adobe Shrinks Cloud Pricing for Creative Teams

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The Best From Siggraph

The world's biggest computer graphics conference in Anaheim, Calif. saw a bunch of new products being announced to the 17,000 attendees that flooded the Anaheim Convention Center. Despite Autodesk's absence, there was still a lot of action, from product updates from NewTek for its Lightwave 11, to Chronocult, a tool for sculpting animation caches.

Gary Shteyngart on Google Glass

Gary Shteyngart (who penned "Super Sad Love Story," set in a future where Glass does not seem entirely out of place) writes an engrossing piece in The New Yorker about what it was like to join Google Glass' Glass Explorers Program. It's kind of like being a celebrity, he says, as students and office workers, and even a Park Avenue doorman, recognize the power he wields and express fascination with the device. But it's also a time suck -- and enables our own mindless pursuits.

Cussing Will Get You Far

Perhaps there are already some dirty mouths out there who know about this, but apparently swearing at automated menu options on customer service hotlines is a sure-fire way to get out of the maze and get directly connected to an actual person. Companies like Apple use an automated system that "listens" for signs of anger or distress in a customer's voice.

Adobe's Gift to Designers

A new deal from Adobe lets teams get all Creative Cloud Apps, which means Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design, for just $30 a month. You also get 20 GB of storage and -- this one's a boon for designers -- the ability to show off their work on Behance. Regularly the single-user price is $20 for a month.

Netflix Launches Multiple User Profiles

Netflix has finally woken up to the fact that not every single person has their own Netflix account -- especially not if they live together. In this age of password sharing, the video streaming and DVD service has launched the option for multiple user profiles associated with one account, so anybody you happen to give your password to won't ruin your carefully curated selection of "Steamy horror movies."

NASA's 'Special Relationship with Life Magazine

The Atlantic writes about a contract between NASA and Life Magazine that might have singlehandedly responsible for elevating astronauts and those working with them to hero status. The agreement, which sold the Mercury astronauts' stories to the magazine exclusively, in exchange for approval on all NASA-related coverage. It's a fascinating look at how stories about heros and their ilk are cultivated and created by the media.

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