GE Designates Dec. 3 as '3D Printing Day,' 3D-Prints Xmas Gifts

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Peanut butter has a day. So do donuts. So why shouldn't 2013's most-hyped technology also get one? General Electric is on it, folks. It has designated Dec. 3 (D3, geddit?) as the official 3D Printing Day, and has also launched a new campaign that hopes to gives elves a rest for the holidays, by 3D printing gifts instead.

Here's how it works: On Dec. 3, people can pick a prototype and tweet their wish, along with the hashtag #3DPrintMyGift. The prototypes themselves are designed by celebrities including weatherman Al Roker, host Stacy London, Red Sox pitcher Craig Breslow, as well as companies, like the Cooper-Hewitt Museum and Spotify. They're all working with CAD designers, who will customize the prototype, then ship to your house, for free, just in time for the holidays.

Prototypes include penholders, iPhone 5 speakers, and even a cat charm (this is the Internet, after all.)

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