GE and Fuseproject: GE Wattstation

Published on .

GE and Fuseproject have teamed up to launch GE Wattstation, a new electric vehicle charging station designed for both public and private spaces. Thanks to GE's Smart Grid technology, the WattStation charges your EV in four to eight hours, compared to the typical 12 to 18. Via their mobile devices or other digital platforms, users will be able to remotely locate, operate and monitor the unit. The WattStation will be available throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.

The station itself boasts a streamlined, cylindrical shape. According to the fuseproject blog, the design "needed to break all paradigms of the typical large scale, angular and brash 'gas pump.'" It features a streamlined, cylindrical shape with a UI screen set at an ergonomically-friendly angle and featuring an LED light ring with colors indicating whether the station is available (white), fully charged (green), charging (red) or out of order (yellow). The design company's vision for the Wattstation "is an electric-car-charger design that is as durable as street furniture, as visible as a light beacon, and as beautiful as street greenery."

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