Geox Makes It Rain In Barcelona To Test Amphibiox Shoes

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Last year, Geox promoted its waterproof Amphibiox shoes with a digital experience set in the "rainiest place on the planet," Cherrapunjee in Northern India (the project won a Gold Lion at Cannes). As a follow up, the brand and agency SMFB decided to test the shoes in an urban environment -- Barcelona. And because the city isn't known for its wet weather, it created an artificial rain cloud.

Working with production company MediaMonks, the brand followed Tom, its test subject, as he traversed the city under his own private rain cloud, creating relentless rain and constant humidity in the middle of a sunny city. Each rainy day was laid out to replicate common urban activities -- spending a day as a tourist, working at a day job and going on a date. Three different artificial clouds were used while a "shoe cam" captured the shoes with slow-motion macro Phantom shots, demonstrating that they managed to stay dry throughout the week. SMFB created an interactive documentary showing the process, which can be viewed on the Amphibiox website. The interactive experience allows users to freely navigate through the seven days of the test, "shoe cam" shots and behind the scenes footage.

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