Google: This Exquisite Forest

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Google Creative Lab and London's Tate Modern are wowing the interwebs today with "This Exquisite Forest," the result of yet another collaboration between Chris Milk and Google's Aaron Koblin. The project came out of "The Johnny Cash Project", according to Wired UK. The duo have also previously worked on projects like the much-loved "Wilderness Downtown." and "3 Dreams of Black."

The "forest" is literal -- as people log onto the project, you can add a branch to an existing tree of narratives. People can also access the project in person, at the Tate Modern, starting July 23. The HTML/Javascript project also has "seed" animations created by seven artists: Bill Woodrow, Dryden Goodwin, Julian Opie, Mark Titchner, Miroslaw Balka, Olafur Eliasson and Raquid Shaw. You can add onto those, or start your own.

Check out a making of here.

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