Google: Introducing Google Fiber

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Google takes one more step towards domination of the entire Internet. The tech company today announced "Fiber," a $70 per month Internet and television service that puts it directly into competition with companies like Time Warner, Verizon and Optimum. Touted to be a 100 times faster than today's broadband, the service is currently only available in Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Miss. People can pre-register starting now, and then Google will determine, according to the number of registrations, in which neighborhoods Fiber will roll out.

In typical Google fashion, it released this adorable, lo-fi, animated video that shows cars rolling along on an information superhighway, through the ages of the Internet connection, from slow dial-up, to broadband, to the speed of Fiber. Google's famed Street View car also makes a cameo in the film, which shows how a slow Internet speed can affect your life, with buffering YouTube videos, slow download and transfer speeds and trouble getting your emails.

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