Google Launches New Campaign, 'Art, Copy & Code'

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After the award-winning "Project Re:Brief," Google's program to partner with advertisers and agencies to reimagine classic ads using today's digital techniques, the search giant is back with a new campaign: "Art, Copy & Code." The new program works with brands and marketers to show how Google tech can work with them to produce great creative work. It has its first partnership with Volkswagen, "Smileage." The program is currently in beta and extends the automaker's 2012 campaign, "It's not the miles, it's how you live them," via a mobile app that will add "smiles" to any drive you take in your VW -- or any other car. The app was developed along with Volkswagen's agency, Deutsch, and Grow Interactive.

The app measures the "fun factor" of the trip, using factors like location, time, traffic and weather. Sign in with Google+ and share your "smileage" experience with your circles -- photos you or your fellow travelers take, for example.

Google thought of the project based on the stat that 144 millions Americans, everyday spent 52 minutes in a car, on average -- 76% of them completely alone.

The program plans more partnerships with brands like Burberry and adidas.

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