Google Offers to Share its Lunch Buffet with its Agency Partners

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Google is known for its amazing lunch buffets -- those working at the company are often stuffing themselves with succulent steaks and creme brulee while the rest of us scarf down our sad desk salads. But lunch is also about giving employees a chance to come together over some food. Agency +Castro worked with Google Argentina to help Google's agency partners also share in the joy, with "Buffet." The activation invited agencies to access Google's buffet online, in real time, at a special site. Partners could request the menu by perusing the salad bar, entree, and dessert -- all via live streaming. Then, the lunch was delivered to the agency's office.

In a statement, +Castro general director said that the idea was to communicate Google's desire to build relationships with its partners. The challenge was to keep the buffet running in real time with virutal interaction and a delivery system -- without the food getting cold.

"We want to contribute to the generation of spaces where agencies do what they know best: planning creative and efficient campaigns for their clients. Now, on top of that, they don't have to waste time thinking about what to eat and where to have it delivered from," said Eugenia Denari, Country Marketing Manager at Google Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Or, they could have just invited them over for lunch.

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