Google Releases First Chromecast and Nexus 7 Spots

Published on .

On the heels of the press conference that introduced Chromecast, the dongle that can be plugged into the HDMI port of a television, Google released the device's first promotional ad. The remixed Greek backing track plays as different groups, from a father and his young tech-savvy daughter duo to groups of friends settling in to enjoy YouTube clips, photos and Netflix shows and films together -- demonstrating how the $35 device really is "for everyone."

On the same day, the Google team released the Nexus 7 and its own ad, this time integrating the search tool storytelling first seen in Parisian Love with a look at a boy who struggles with public speaking and looks to a famous historical figure for inspiration. Armed with his Nexus, the massive archive that is the world wide web and a supportive mother, he takes the steps necessary to make his very own "king's speech."

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