Gucci: Gucci Museum

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Here's one for luxury devotees, particularly those looking for a break from traditional sightseeing; Gucci is celebrating its 90th anniversary by opening a Museum devoted to the brand in its native Florence.

The Gucci Museo, situated inside the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia located in Florence's Piazza Signoria, will consist of an 18,500 square foot exhibition space, which will feature a permanent archive exhibition, featuring vintage Gucci items such as luggage, handbags and gowns. The Museum will also host contemporary art installations sponsored by the Pinault Foundation. And if that isn't enough, there's a bookstore, a Gucci Caffe, serving 100% organic local foods, and a gift shop selling exclusive collectible items. Fifty percent of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the City of Florence fund dedicated to preserving the city's art.

You can explore the Museum, which opens tomorrow, at the official Gucci Museo website.

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