Hacking a Pair of Prescription Google Glasses; Behind Elon Musk's Hyperloop & More

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Google Glass, for the Near Sighted

R/GA vice president Will Turnage has a problem. He was picked to be one of the select few to get a pair of Google Glasses, but because he has prescription glasses, struggled to figure out how he could get all the benefits of Glass, and also not be blind all the time. So he hacked together his own pair of prescription Glasses using Sugru, a self-setting rubber, that he used to attach the earpiece from the Glass to his own glasses

Revealing Hyperloop

Elon Musk, via a blog post, revealed his plans for Hyperloop, his transport system that plans to move passengers from L.A. to San Francisco in under 30 minutes, thanks to high-speed aluminium pods traveling California's I-5. The Verge explains the crazy idea with its "Big Story," and details how the system is made, and potential safety concerns.

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A Dr. Who Google Easter Egg

Jalopnik reports that getting into the TARDIS, via a blue call box, has never been easier, thanks to Google Street View's incredible, fun new Easter Egg. Get onto Earl's Court Road, then click the white arrows in front of the call box. You'll find yourself inside Dr. Who's time machine, with a 360-degree view of all of its interiors.

Behind Project Loon

In October last year, The Appalachian News-Express ran a story, headlined, "Mystery Object in Sky Captivates Locals." But while rumors about it being aliens (finally!) flew around, the answer is much more benign, but infinitely more interesting. The object was a balloon, termed Project Loon, launched above the Earth by Google, part of a project to bring the Internet to far-off places, via solar-powered balloons floating around. Wired has the story.

CNN Redesigns to be More Mobile Friendly

AdAge reports that starting Wednesday, CNN will unveil a redesigned website designed to unify the consumer experience across desktop, mobile and tablet, and also help simplify how ads are bought on mobile devices. President Jeff Zucker said at an event that the future of the company is as much about digital as TV, and maybe even more, so the network needs to think of digital as more than just an extension of the television channel.


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