Hark! CaT London Draws Nigh!

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There's no question the marketing and brand creativity universe has undergone some fundamental changes in the last several years. One of the primary forces driving that change has been technology.

The growing unity of creativity and technology led us to create the CaT conference which brought together the most innovative figures in brand content creation and software development earlier this year in New York. The inaugural event touched on topics like information visualization, advanced visual effects, augmented reality, 3D design and more of the issues related to bringing next-level thinking to creative businesses. We're happy to continue to foster discussion and demonstration in the realm of innovation and present our agenda for CaT: London, to take place at the Saatchi Gallery on November 19th.

Over 20 of the top talents in digital world, from big-picture theorists to the technologists driving it all and the creatives wrangling ideas from all corners are coming together for another dose of high-level discussion of creative and technical innovation.

Sessions at CaT London range from our rapid-fire case study and discussion series, Making it Work, featuring top creative directors showcasing recent projects and debating procedural and industry norms to the inspirational presentations from leading lights from the tech and development world beyond advertising, including 3D Flash developers, mobile app and augmented reality innovators and other envelope-pushing technologists.

From the world of mobile augmented reality the makers of Layar, NRU and Wikitude, groundbreaking apps all, join us to determine the next best course of action when even the air around us is thick with digital traces of life. Carlos Ulloa, the developer of the remarkably capable in-browser Flash resource Papervision 3D, rejoins us after stunning the crowd in New York. Matt Jones and Matt Webb join us from design consultancy BERG, where they work with companies "to research and develop their technologies and strategy, primarily by finding opportunities in networks and physical things" (in other words, they are doing amazing things where design meets technology, particularly in the areas of mobile and physical computing). Adam Greenfield, author of Everyware, a clear-headed look at ubiquitous computing, and head of design direction at Nokia will bring his take on networked urbanism.

Special panels will highlight the remarkable influence Sweden has had on top-level digital production and idea generation as well as the rise of the creative technologist, with agency technical directors coming out from behind the servers to address how their technical knowhow is now being brought to bear on the ideas market.

For a full look at the day's highlights take a peek at the agenda. But don't just take our word for it. Check out some of the feedback from our inaugural CaT NYC event.

Share in the essential knowledge on offer for all creatives working in all disciplines and foster the idea-sharing environment CaT has already become known for—book your tickets to CaT London today!

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