Harris Tweed Says CIA Agents Look Better in Tweed with New Destination Website

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"Tweedy" was once a word associated with your grandma, but UK clothing firm Harris Tweed is trying to reinvent its image in North America with a new social platform and website created by Leo Burnett New York. It was partly inspired by real-life ex CIA Agent Tony Mendez, the central character in the film Argo, who stated his love for Harris Tweed to the film's costume designer Jacqueline West. Ben Affleck played Mendez in a classic herringbone Harris Tweed jacket for the film. Photos of Mendez appear on the Tumblr-based site, NeedforTweed.com, which is designed to be a destination for tweed enthusiasts to find inspiration and share their passion for the fabric, using the line "Everything looks better in Harris Tweed". The site sources content from fashion houses and contemporary designers.

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