HBO True Blood: Season 2 Blu-Ray DVD Set

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Get more vampire out of HBO's True Blood: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray Disc Set, which goes on sale today. The set features some serious social media capability that lets the audience in on more content and some unusual experiences through their Blu-ray players, including the Sony PS3.

The Audience is able to choose from three different experiences while watching via Blu-ray Disc Live: Vampire, Fellowship of the Sun, or Follower of Dionysus. Users can upload a photo of themselves which will transform in response to the chosen experience and the number of episodes watched. For example, vampires will get more pasty and drip more blood as the season goes on.

Blu-ray watches can also post status updates directly to their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, share favorite scenes with friends,get latest news from the True Blood Facebook and Twitter feeds and receive other gifts and easter eggs along the way. Check out the demo vid here.

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