Inside the Aaron Swartz Investigation; Video Game Musician Chris Tilton & Engineer Finishing School

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Aaron Swartz Revisited

This week saw a couple of stories about Aaron Swartz, the 26-year-old computer programmer and internet activist who committed suicide earlier this year. One, from the Atlantic, explores the ins and outs of the Federal Investigation into Mr. Swartz's alleged crime of downloading too many JSTOR articles too quickly -- his attempt to prove that information should be free to access. Another, from the New Yorker, is about Mr. Swartz's "darker side," based on interviews of people closest to him.

Eye-Scrolling on the New Samsung

The New York Times reports that the new Samsung Galaxy S IV will feature "eye scrolling," tracking where a user's eyes fall to decide where to scroll. The paper also reports that Samsung has applied for a couple of telling patents for eye-scrolling technology and something called "eye pause." The new phone will be introduced at the "Unwrapped" press conference in New York next week.

Manners, Anyone?

Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, reared on smartphones and Facebook, are undergoing finishing school -- or as the university calls it, "Charm School," a set of lessons on business etiquette that will, in the future, let them navigate social minefields, such as how to eat really long pasta, and whether it's ever okay to dunk, reports the L.A. Times.

Newsfeed Gets a Makeover

At an event in Menlo Park, Calif. Thursday, Facebook is holding an event that will launch an all-new look for its Newsfeed, one of the "three pillars of the company's ecosystem," reports Wired -- the other two being Timeline and Graph Search. Check out the mag's liveblog for updates on what the new Feed will look like.

Composing for Video Games

The Verge sits down with Chris Tilton, the composer and orchestrator on "Fringe," as well as a bunch of other games and TV shows, from "Alias" to the "Mercenaries" series. Now, he's working on the sound for the Electronic Arts game "Sim City," a reboot of the classic game that focuses on urban planning.

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