Video Games Under Scrutiny After Newtown; The Design of the Internet & More

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After Newtown, Video Games Under Scrutiny

Video-game makers and retailers are being looked at with some interest by advocacy groups and Washington, in light of the Newtown, Conn. massacre. U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller introduced a bill yesterday that asked for research to be done into whether violent games lead children to become violent, reports AdAge.

What Instagram's New TOS Mean for You

The New York Times lays out what the photo-sharing service's updated privacy policy and terms of service mean for you, so take some time away from your incessant filtering and read it. For one: You're going to be a model, whether you like or not, because your photos might be used in ads.

Google's Got Competition

While Google's driverless cars are one of the things we're most looking forward to seeing develop in 2013, Wired reports that German supplier Continental just earned the right to road-test driverless cars in Nevada. The Nevada DMV just gave the company a license for its "highly automated" Volkswagen Passat.

There's More Where That Came From

Start Ups, the Bravo reality show about Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, was panned by both critics and actual entrepreneurs, who resented being depicted as foolish airheads, we presume. The New York Times talks about the show's failure, and the other shows currently in the works that continue to push Silicon Valley into the limelight. Just when we thought we were done.

Design and the Web

The World Wide Web has certainly changed from 1991, when it first debuted -- and nowhere is this change better observed than in web page design. When the Internet began, developers created a mailing list where they discussed ways to make it better. To this day, it remains active. Now, The Atlantic reports that the list's emails archives have just been made public, offering a great perspective into the design dilemmas of the Internet that remain relevant today.

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