Instagram-Themed Hotel Rewards Guests for Snapping Cool Pics

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Sydney, Australia's 1888 hotel is not named after the year it was established-- it only opened its doors in 2013. 1888 is rather a nod to photo company Kodak and the year it debuted the first commercial camera. The photography theme is ingrained further into the hotel's DNA, and the five-storey space has views from every floor and caters to guests who want to snap pics of their vacation digs -- from the architecture to interior design -- as well those who just want to take really cool selfies. Photos can then be incorporated in the hotel's digital murals.

Better yet, the hotel wants to reward the image-happy, and promises free nights to a handful of shooters with the best pics and those with more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. Those who don't win can stay from upwards of $140 a night. The social-media theme is not new, and may be following the lead of Mallorca's Sol Wave House, the first Twitter-themed hotel.

Clearly, getting the freebie is no easy feat, but the management company has already invested two years and $30 million in the hotel. Plus, you can see the appeal of a little crowd-sourcing.

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