Intel/Toshiba: Inside

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A collaboration between Intel and Toshiba. Inside is described as a 'social film project' - a movie in which the protagonist engages with the audience via social media. The campaign was created out of Pereira O'Dell San Francisco, with digital production company B-Reel.

In the online movie, directed by Disturbia director D.J Caruso and produced out of RSA Films, actress Emmy Rossum plays the role of Christina, a woman trapped in a room with only an Intel processor-powered Toshiba laptop and an untraceable Internet connection. Unable to determine where she is being held or what her fate might be, Christina uses the laptop to mobilize her social network, reaching out to friends, family and anyone else who can help her figure out where she's being held and how to escape. Viewers are encouraged to connect with Christina, tweet clues and post advice to her Facebook page.

The film will air in short episodes starting on July 25, with viewers helping to decode Christina's dilemma by posting tips, insights, ideas and clues. The editing team will incorporate posts that best fit the storyline into the episodes. Additionally, one viewer will have a chance to be cast in a role through a YouTube online casting call that opens today on the website and runs through July 20. The winning video submission will be incorporated into the movie and the winner will be included in the credits of the film.

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