Old Spice Stages an 'Internetervention' to Curb Your Bad Browsing Habits

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One tip to lose belly fat? Spray tan parties (backed by a Jersey Shore lookalike)? Push up muscle shirts? A neck workout machine? Web banners that sell wild, wonderful and weird things are a-plenty on the Internet -- but that doesn't mean you should click on them. Wieden Portland and Old Spice are here to save you, with a sneaky little campaign that seeds banners to these cheesy products all over the Web. When you click on them, you're rewarded with a video of Isaiah Mustafa telling you he is here for an internetervention, and then proceeds to dress you down in a way only TMYMCSL could do.

Sites include Glitz Electronics, Tough Sheets, Smell Pulse, The Flattering Man, Brodominiums, Fresh Body Coupons and our personal favorite, Flavor Patch.

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