Jeff Lam and Josephine Yatar: Back of a Webpage

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What do you do during the late night crazy hours? Venables Bell creative Jeff Lam and his partner Josephine Yatar like to uncover the workings of your favorite websites, as seen on their Tumblr Back of a Web Page.

According to Lam, the blog is "an independent project that came from a hallucination at 3am during a 120-hour work week." He and Yatar were "concepting and trying to look at things in new ways: upside-down, inside-out, backwards," he explains. "In that delirious state of mind, we sat back at our computers and joked about hiding something on the back of a webpage. That turned into a ten minute 'OMG WHAT IF' fest, where we go back and forth saying 'OMG what if the back of twitter was like…' and 'OMG what if the back of YouTube was like…' It's crazy when you suddenly see something you look at everyday in a completely new way."

The duo was inspired by the "Make Something Cool Every Day" project and came up with the goal to 'Think a new thought every day,'" he says. "We want to bring thoughts into the world that have never been thought before. We Googled 'back of a webpage' and it came up with no results. So we knew we had to make it."

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