Jung Von Matt/Neckar: Facebook Places Recruitment Campaign

Published on .

Jung Von Matt's Stuttgart office recently took advantage of Facebook's new Places feature to catch the attention of potential new hires. The agency had set up Check-In Places for its fellow German shops Neue Digitale/Razorfish in Frankfurt, Interone, Hamburg, Fork Unstable Media, Hamburg, Kolle Rebbe in Hamburg, AKQA, Berlin and argonauten G2 in Berlin—not to be a good colleague, but to get the word out about itself.

Anyone who checked into those shops would then receive messages like "First! Would you love to be first? Just check in at www.jvm-neckar.de/jobs. We're looking for bright minds" and "Best wishes from the stomach of the Trojan Horse. Turn the tables and check in at www.jvm-neckar.de/jobs. We're are looking for bright minds."

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