Kellogg's: Totes Amazeballs

Published on .

Twitter has done many things but we think this may be the first time a random tweet has inspired a new cereal brand. UK rocker Tim Burgess (frontman of The Charlatans) tweeted jokingly that he would love to launch a cereal called 'Totes Amazeballs' (slang for totally amazing), pretending Kellogg was interested.

Kellogg picked up on the tweet…and created the product. As Burgess told, the product tastes something like Rocky Road ice cream, and he imagined it to be the kind of treat you'd want to eat to kill your hangover, especially the kind you get at music fests.

For now it's a one off, but apparently the company is mulling a wider launch. While other brands have been inspired to create joke-inspired products, (Ben & Jerry'sSchweddy Balls, based on a SNL skit, among them) we think the speed with which Kellogg's acted is….well, totes amazeballs.

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