League of Legends Players, Amex Wants You

Published on .

American Express and Riot Games team up on a new prepaid debit card targeted directly to players of the MMORP Game League Of Legends. Amex collaborated with agency Rokkan on the idea, which invites Gamers to sign onto a new reward-based system, called RP+, through which they can earn Riot Points--the game's virtual cash-- with each purchase they make with the card.

Gamers get to customize their card with their favorite League champion and Amex automatically rewards those who sign up for the card with 1,000 points. They get another 1,000 for the first time they load $20 onto their accounts and also when they make their first ten purchases. They can even score 10,000 when they sign up for direct deposit and add $20 to their accounts.

With the new offering, Amex now has the ability to target a new audience, the 32,000 players who,together, spend more than one billion hours on the game each month.

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