Legos Become Amazing Digital-Meets-Physical Calendar

Published on .

You don't have to outgrow your Legos! London-based design studio Vitamins has created a fun (but productive) use of the famous construction toy. The group put together an office planner that is both physical and digital. The toy's grey building plates are mounted on a wall -- each one represents a day of the week. Team members -- represented by little Lego men and women -- are given a line each on the calendar to mark the projects they are working on and the amount of time they need to dedicate to them. They block out their schedules using different bricks, with each project delineated by a different color.

The physical object also merges with the digital world. Team members can take photos of the calendar whenever there's a scheduling change, and the additions are then updated through an app that visually reads the information and syncs the data.

The studio is currently tweaking its invention before sharing the syncing software online for others to get their Lego playtime (work-time) in.

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