Lexus: Dark Ride

Published on .

Lexus teamed with Skinny and Stink Digital with Skunk on Lexus Dark Ride, a 12:30 interactive thrill ride in the brand's new hybrid compact car, the CT 200h.

Visitors to the Dark Ride site sit in the passenger seat alongside driver Tony, played by actor Norman Reedus, who's in charge of navigating the car from Nevada to Los Angeles in a high speed chase. Participants can upload their own mugs using the webcam or a digital picture and can even add their own voices via mic. Although not in the driver's seat, visitors do the steering and can change the camera POV and tell Tony where to go, creating a different ride each time. Watch a trailer of the interactive film here.

Dark Ride is one component of the brand's Darker Side of Green campaign that emphasizes the new car's fuel efficiency and agility over the traditional hybrid persona of "flowery, sunshine-filled days in the park."

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