How Creative is Your Steering? Lexus Turns Your Driving Style Into Art

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How creative is your driving? With Art In Motion, Lexus is using data generated by driving to create an individual portrait of the driver. The project, by Happiness Brussels, is a collaboration with Spanish multimedia artist Sergio Albiac. A photo of the driver (in this video, Belgian entrepreneur and art collector Walter Vanhaerents) is uploaded onto an IS 300h hybrid car's on-board computer, which in turn collects data on RPM, speed and hybridity. Through the work of Albiac, this is converted into paint brush strokes -- for example if you drive fast the brush strokes will be more abstract, whereas slower drivers will generate more precise brushstrokes. Colors are also influenced by whether you're using the car's electric or petrol engine.

Turning consumer's personal data into art is not a new thing -- for example Ibis and ACNE last year launched Sleep Art which generates pictures based on your sleep movements -- but combining it with a photo takes the idea to another level of personalization.

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