Mazda: DriverVille

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In order to lure young drivers to the just-launched Mazda2 subcompact car, Doner decided to catch them at one of their main hangouts, Facebook. Today the agency launches DriverVille, a Facebook game that challenges players to go from amateur drivers to hardcore racing fiends while introducing them to the brand's eco-friendly five-door hatchback.

Built around the theme "Zoom-Zoom Concentrated," DriverVille serves the centerpiece of the launch, also supported by cinema/TV, print and even a music tour. It takes cues from other "-ville-style" games that share gameplay activity on Face book's newsfeed. Players get to customize their vehicles and their racing avatar, or "Inner Driver," both of which get tricked out as players accumulate virtual Driver Bucks through gameplay and by learning more about the vehicle.

The game provides multiple routes to explore. Drivers start out in their own garage, where they can tune up their ride fuel up and store their trophies. Players also have to make a stop at the dealership, where they learn about and get the keys to their wheels. Beyond that, there's also a track where drivers can race against friends, a shopping outlet, and an entertainment complex, where drives can view spots and eventually, partake in Mazda-sponsored entertainment events.

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