Motorola's Moonshot Lab Develops 'Windy Day,' a Film that Combines Virtual Reality and Animation

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Motorola -- under the auspices of Google -- is hoping to position itself as an experience deliverer, rather than just a handset manufacturer. The first indication of that vision is "Windy Day," a Pixar-esque animated tale that will be available to view to anyone who owns a Moto X. Accessible via a little red sombrero that appears on the phone's home screen, the film turns the phone into a player that plays computer animation and a bit of virtual reality. As you move the phone around, you can explore the virtual world within its screens. And of course, the narrative pauses if you want to turn your eyes away for a minute or two.

The project is the braindchild of ATAP, Motorola's own moonshot division, which models itself on DARPA, the U.S. Defense Department's advanced research project agency, which has birthed lasers, stealth bombers and the Internet itself.

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