Neiman Labs Project Let You Fire a Nerf Gun at Ducks, Through Tweets

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There are many uses of social media, but this is surely the first time that someone has used Twitter to fire a Nerf Gun at a video game duck. Inspired by their love of Nerf Guns, the staff of Neiman Labs, the R&D unit of Philadelphia ad agency Neiman, have created Tweet to Shoot using the Twitter API, an Arduino Uno microcontroller, a Nerf gun, and the duck from classic Nintendo video game, Duck Hunt.

By tweeting the hashtag #TweetToShoot, players can fire a Nerf dart toward the duck. Participants can see their shot fire and their Twitter handle displayed on a scoreboard on the site, which is live today and tomorrow between 10am and 5pm. And, even if shooting ducks isn't up your alley, Tweet to Shoot is an interesting pointer toward how marketers could use Twitter for real-world physical interactions.

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