News and Views from Ad Age's Social TV Conference

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On May 9, Ad Age put on its first ever Social Engagement/Social TV conference, a cross-disciplinary event that brought together people from the media, social- analytics, brand and agency worlds.

Over the course of a day, people caught up on how they can use social to engage consumers, and what works and what doesn't when it comes to social engagement.

What did Kraft think about Stephen Colbert mercilessly mocking "Colbert Report" sponsor Wheat Thins in February? The company's VP-global media and consumer engagement Bonin Bough said he loved it, and that the integration achieved exactly what Kraft needed.

Will social TV revive appointment viewing in this age of DVRs? According to some folks, yes, and cable programmers and advertisers are going to benefit.

Plots are no longer confined to the small screen. Cable networks like Viacom's MTV and VH1 and NBC Universal's USA are leveraging social media to connect fans with talent and brands – and extended storytelling beyond the television set.

For the Super Bowl, Coca-Cola and Wieden + Kennedy launched a pretty unique second- screen viewing experience. Jeannifer Healen, Coca-Cola's group director-integrated marketing content, talked about why they did so -- and the lessons they learned along the way.

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