Nike+ Launches on Xbox Platform

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Nike is the latest marketer to land on the Xbox Live platform with the launch of Nike+ Kinect training. The program, co-developed with AKQA, is downloadable off the Xbox online marketplace and uses Kinect to level up your home fitness training. The program provides users with the same training given to elite athletes. It lets you set goals and through Kinect, you can assess your fitness and form and pinpoint areas where you can improve your athletic performance, with personal feedback throughout the regimen. The program evaluates your progress every month and allows you to tap your Nike+ posse and work out with friends over Xbox Live.

AKQA was a strategic partner on the game, and helped to develop the actual game design, user experience, product development as well as the product's marketing communications.

This teaser video gives a peek into the game, while two films featuring gymnast Shawn Johnson and the Philadelphia Eagles' DeSean Jackson help announce the product's launch this week.

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