Nokia: Gulp

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Wieden + Kennedy and Aardman Animation create another stop-motion masterpiece with Nokia's N8 with Gulp, following last summer's animation for N8, Dot.

Shot entirely on the N8, Gulp was also filmed on the 'World's Largest Stop-motion Animation Set' (they're aiming for a Guinness World Record). Three N8 phones, elevated 36 meters above the ground on a cherry picker on a beach in South Wales, shot a canvas of 42.71 meters x 24 meters, on which gigantic sand drawings were created by sand artists and art student volunteers. The phones were mounted in a custom-built rig and operated remotely by the camera crew in order to capture the huge images. See the Behind the Scenes film for more on how it was done.

The film itself depicts the adventures of a fisherman captured by a sea monster - all done in Aardman's inimitable style.

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