Outstare This Samsung Phone And You Get It For Free

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Swiss mobile brand Swisscom is taking the classic playground game of outstaring your friends and turning it into a promotion for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The campaign, created by Pefect Fools for Swisscom's agency Heimat, uses a City Light Poster (CLP) showcasing the smartphone's eye-tracking interface.

Pedestrians in Lucerne, Bern and Lausanne city squares are challenged to stare continuously at the Galaxy S4 phone inside the CLP; the longer they do, the greater the discount. However, to make it harder, participants are bombarded by actors asking for directions. As soon as the player's eyes stray from the screen, it's game over. Those who last more than a minute will get 100 Swiss Francs off a smartphone; those who make it to over an hour get it for free.

Staring is obviously trending; this week also saw the Guinness Book of World Records launch a billboard in which participants were challenged to break the world record for staring.

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