Parsons The New School for Design: Sound Affects

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Parsons The New School for Design, Mono and Tellart have created an installation and app that turns the sights and sounds of the city into a literal form of street music.

From May 13-22, people walking around Parsons' campus at Fifth Ave. between 12th and 13th Streets will be able to observe and interact with city noise in a new way.

Sensors installed on the street will take inputs like traffic noise, weather, cell phone activity and color and reinterpret them as musical notes and colors.

Passersby can plug into a listening wall and, at night, see the sounds projected as shapes and colors. Visitors to can hear and see the installation and get a live street view. The agency will also send out alerts via Twitterwhen new inputs are changing the "symphony and a mobile app will allow people to listen in from anywhere.

The agency will stage a number of experiments throughout the week to see how various inputs change the musical experience.

Director Ray Tintori will be making a mini-doc on the project.

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