Pathways to Housing: Virtual Homeless

Published on .

Sarkissian Mason bring to light the reality of homelessness with virtual reality in this new outdoor effort for Pathways to Housing.

Pedestrians encounter a life-size digital projection of a homeless man, shivering as he sleeps on the street. A message then pops up, asking people to move the virtual person via text message. Once they do, a program activates another video loop that presents a door on the wall—an entry point for the sleeping man into a new home. The passerby then receives a text message with a code that allows them to donate to Pathways to Housing.

Sarkissian Mason created this effort in response to what they observed after relaunching the Pathway to Housing website and saw that a growing number of charitable donations were being made via mobile text codes. The projections will appear on New York buildings throughout March. Location details can be found on Pathway to Housing's Facebook page.

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